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Dj Reyaz

Passionate, Focused, Entertainer 


I am a passionate, task-oriented and enterprising artist. Continuing to Break Barriers! By bringing fun to your event, big or small, showcasing that there are no boundaries in life, and anything is achievable with the right amount of dedication and support.




Who is Dj Reyaz?

Reyaz is from Etobicoke Ontario, and his love of dancing at an early age is what got him wanting to be a DJ. He has been DJing since 2017.

Reyaz had the opportunity for a DJ mentorship by S4 Entertainment and Audio Visual in the summer of 2017 S4 Entertainment & Audio Visual Youth Mentorship - 5 Star ...

Through Community Living Ontario’s Student Links mentorship program, Reyaz had the opportunity to explore and learn from industry professionals including Much Music Toronto where he curated a playlist that aired on the Much Music TV Channel on March 4, 2015.

If people with intellectual disabilities are supposed to have limited options for participating in the community, Reyaz Sulaiman, certainly never got the memo (quoted in Community Living Ontario’s Newsletter July 2015 - Reyaz Works Out the Kinks, Rocks On - Inspiring Possibilities!)

Current clients:

§ Westside by Revera

§ hawthorne place Care Centre

§ Bellwood, EHN Canada

§ Before and After Fitness Club Volunteers for Deen Support Services (CAM-D)

DJ Reyaz in the media 

Featured in Blog

“ We love what we do, so any chance we get to inspire others to do the same we take it! When we met Reyaz, we knew we had to contribute to his growing passion for Djing somehow.” – Pasquale Schembri, Director of Music & Entertainment

Music mix featured on MOVE 4 SMILE!

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